Monday, 30 November 2015

Fun Walk :)

Ty fun walk J

This year our colour for the fun walk was yellow, we spent a lot of time trying to decide what was the theme of the walk, but finally we all decided that we would do ‘stop cyberbullying’ and ‘snapchat ghost’ yenow cause snapchat is yellow and all that. The class was split into three groups: the ghosts, the supporters and the bullies. And the songs we choose to do were ‘what do you mean’ by Justin Bieber, ‘ghost busters’ and ‘easy love’ by sigala. It was really fun rehearsing for the dance, it was kind of scary because Aoife and Orla lifted me up as part of the dance but it all turned out okay on the day of the fun walk!!

On the day, our class had to do our dance first, but everything went really well and our class won J Gowan Merkel!!!!

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