Monday, 30 November 2015

Art Trip to Kilkenny :)

Art trip to Kilkenny J

On Thursday, the 24th of September, we got to go to Kilkenny for an art trip. On the day we all arrived at the school early at 8:15, after a 2 hours on the bus we finally arrived. While we were there we got the chance to see the movie ‘The song of the sea’. It was a really good movie and the animation was done really well. Afterwards we walked back to killkenny castle and had our lunch on the ground and played in the playground for a while until the secrurity guard told us we were too old and kicked us out. Lel. It was a lovely day so walked around the castle grounds and took a lot of photos.
After lunch it was our turn to visit ‘the song of the sea’ animation gallery inside the killkenny castle. It was interesting to see the different sketches, and all the work that was put into the making of the movie.

When the tour of the gallery was finished we took a group photo of all the tys J

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